Sunday, December 28, 2008

Broken arms

This is a lovely picture of my sister Carlee and Mooch. Carlee broke her wrist the day before Thanksgiving four-wheeling. Lucky her, she gets to be in it for 8 weeks because of where it is broken. So she and Mooch were twinners for Christmas. Don't those little gimps just look so happy to be together!?!
We have another appointment with the Orthopedic Dr. tomorrow so we'll see how much longer Jack needs to be in the cast. Hopefully its only for a week or so!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Poor Mooch

Today is a sad little day and having this happen just added so much more to my growing pile of stress. Poor, poor, Mooch. Cowboy pushed him while I was out of the room. He was crying a bit more than usual for having just fallen over. I calmed him down after 3 or so minutes and got him to fall asleep. I chalked the excessive (for Mooch) crying to being tired.

Well he woke up 2 hours later from his nap happy as a clam. I put him down on the floor and he was trying to crawl and his right arm kept buckling underneath him. Then he figured out it didn’t hurt if he didn’t use it. After a consultation with Dr. Grandpa over the phone and an effort to fix what we thought was nursemaid’s elbow we finally went to Urgent care. Mooch was a little whiny but wasn’t crying at all through all of this.

We got to Urgent care where they checked him out and did x-rays. When lo and behold he had a buckle fracture in his radius. So he has a little plaster splint until I can get an appointment to get a real cast on. Now, he and his aunt Carlee, who broke her wrist right before Thanksgiving, can have matching casts.

Mooch is being such a trooper and really hasn’t been fussy at all. We’ll see how things go when he figures out he’s going to be uncomfortable for awhile. I really wish it was my arm instead.

Friday, December 5, 2008

They're evolving!

In the film Jurassic Park there is that scene where the kids are in the kitchen in the visitors center and have shut the door behind them because Velociraptors can’t open doors right? Then slowly we see the handle on the door turn . . . well today I had a similar experience.

There I am finishing up getting ready for the day in the bathroom. I had just shut the door on Mooch before he could do his little speed crawl through it. (Mooch isn’t allowed in the bathroom because he thinks the toilet is his own personal water park.) I hear him banging on the door with his little 9 month old hands, so naturally I look over at the door. Then I see it. The door handle is slowly moving down. I’m thinking: "No, he can’t. Can he?" Slowly my surprise turns to fear.  I now know nothing will be safe anymore. Then Mooch pushes the door open with a smile and proceeds to crawl directly to the toilet.

Monday, December 1, 2008

No really its true!

So guess what? With the exception of the blog, I don't have to decorate for Christmas! Woo hoo! Festive I am not and the fact that I really have a good excuse to not decorate this year is sweet! Why am I not festive? Well I really can't answer that question. But the good excuse I have is that we’re moving. No really, we are moving. I’m not just saying we’re moving because we might be moving. I’m not saying we’re moving because I really want to live with my spouse again and am having delusions of grandeur. We are actually moving. We are physically packing our things and moving them from Reno to Sacramento. That is unless Chad miraculously gets another job somewhere else in the next 3 weeks.

We got our little 30 days notice in the mail saying we have to be out of the condo by January 1 - Just ask me how much I love the fact that we pretty much have to move the week before Christmas if we want any help from anyone. We’re moving to another condo with the exact same floor plan just in California. So that might be a little weird for a bit and we’ll see how the kids adjust. But in all honesty what better Christmas present can I get than finally living with Chad again.

So I’m packing, cleaning, and finishing up things for the next three weeks and then we’re out of here! Lets be honest it’s not exactly a huge shocker that we’re moving. I’ve only had like the last 9 months to adjust to the idea that we could move to California.

So if we don’t update a lot its because I’m trying to do something productive like scrub the toilets with a toothbrush, patch the walls up, think about packing my children in a box until this is over, oil the cabinets and stuff like that!