Sunday, May 4, 2008

Our little vacation. . . sort of

We finally went to Sacramento to visit Chad. The guy who Chad shares an apartment with was working in Reno this week. We had fun just being able to see Chad after he got off work. The apartment he is in is furnished and he even has cable (a luxury we don’t’ have at home). Unfortunately they don’t have anything in the kitchen including plates and silverware. So Chad didn’t get to come home and eat. But it was nice not having to cook. Lets be honest, it was nice just to see Chad. If we go again I will be packing some cooking stuff so we don’t have to go out.

Across the street from the complex he lives/works at is a nice park with a jogging path and 4 baseball diamonds. There is also the biggest behemoth of a playground. Seriously this thing had 8 slides attached to it; I counted 3 times to make sure. These are pictures of it from both sides and I honestly think the pictures don't do the thing justice. They even had a little water park and a toddler playground as well. Cowboy had a ton of fun playing on it Thursday night and Friday morning. It was big enough that I had to walk around it to keep my eye on him.

We also played a little baseball. Cowboy started out pretty far away from the sprinklers, but every time he hit the ball he'd pick up the tee and bat and walk to where he hit the ball last. So he ended up in the sprinklers. But it was a pretty warm day so it didn't matter a whole lot. the buildings in the background are where Chad works and lives.