Friday, May 28, 2010

Oh my sons!

I love Mooch. 

Every night around bedtime he starts to pretend he's an animal.  The animal changes nightly.  But he meows like a cat, barks like a dog, and hops like a frog.  

The go to favorite is the cat though.  He'll crawl over and lay his head in your lap expected to be petted.  He also claws at the door when it's shut. 
Don't ask me where he gets this stuff, but it's pretty funny.
I also Love Cowboy.

Yesterday we had to leave for Salt Lake pretty early and I needed to drop the boys off at my parents at 6:30.  Well Cowboy sleeps until 7:30 usually.  I went in to wake him up at 6 and he said, "Mom, can I finish watching my show, in my eyes?" How could I refuse that request?  SO I let him lay there for another 5 minutes before dragging him to the car.

Oh, how I love my boys.

Monday, May 24, 2010

It was Soap Poisoning!

In the last few weeks Cowboy has discovered swearing.  It started with taking the Lord's name in vain.  Now it's moved on to the "S" word.  I have no idea where he's getting this.  I will admit if I'm going to swear it is the "S" word but it takes quite a bit for me to say it now.  (Not so much when I was playing volleyball. I was a potty mouth)

The first time he says whatever word, we sit down and talk about why he shouldn't say it and ask him where he got it.  Then I tell him if I hear it again he gets soap in his mouth.  I don't know what else to do with the kid.  Ahh fun times with children.

But I will be honest, I can't help but think about "A Christmas Story" every time I put that bar of soap in his mouth.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The drain came down and the Floods came up

Remember in December when the washer upstairs drained straight into the boys room?  Well, I do.  I was lucky enough to relive it again this weekend.

Friday morning, I was just sitting in my room.  When I hear what sounds like a sink running.  I'm thinking to myself, "Those little stinks left the sink going."  I go in to investigate and what do I see?  A waterfall pouring straight down through the boys closet. I ran upstairs and turned off the washer.  Apparently, the drain line from the washer pushed itself out of the pipe that drains the water down stairs.

Well I thought that I caught it pretty quick.  I thought that it wouldn't be a very big mess.  I thought it would be really easy to clean up. 

I spent 3 hours Friday morning using a carpet cleaner and a shop vac sucking up the entire washer load of water, sans one gallon that made its way onto the carpet upstairs. I emptied the carpet cleaner out 12 times and the shop vac twice.  The bathroom had a half an inch of water. The boys bedroom was totally soaked. The carpet pad was literally soaked all the way through. It was literally a sponge.  But the pad is dry and the carpet is dry but one small patch in a corner.

Fortunately it's been warm enough that we could leave windows open.  So we're not living in some sort of moldy smelling swamp.
During all of this Chad discovered that the plumbing for the whole deal  (that was just re-done in December) was NOT up to code.  So, Chad re-plumbed the entire drain line.  He also included a lovely strap so that it couldn't push itself out again.  Here's hoping we don't have to go through this a fourth time!

It's Monday morning and the carpet is almost dry.