Thursday, May 26, 2011

Mother's Day and a Ranger's game

We had a great Mother's Day weekend.  Chad and the boys got me flowers and made me a pancake breakfast.  The smoke alarms only went off twice. 

Part of My Mother's day was a date with Chad. This has happened 1 in the 9 months we have lived here. Part of that is Chad is SO busy.  The other part is I don't think a 16 year-old-girl could handle my children. 

While Chad is on break from school he has made a list of things he wants to do while we are here.  One of the things on the list was to go to a Rangers game.  Finding a babysitter who can handle 2 big boys and a 6 month old is pretty much impossible.  So Chad asked our friend Euni (they moved here from Reno a few months ago) if they would be willing to watch the boys.   The boys had a blast and I got a break from being Mom!

Chad and I were able to go and enjoy the game with absolutely no worries.  It was great just being with my husband and a few thousand strangers.  The Rangers lost but it was fun.  We have decided that we are the kiss of death to any Texas team that we show an interest in or cheer for in any way.  I have yet to watch the Mavericks play this season so maybe they have a hope and a prayer to keep winning.