Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Moving and Air Mattresses

Oh boy is this going to be a long whiney blog post!

On Friday the 6th of August our move began. The movers showed up with 3 women, an older man, and one big guy. They started out strong in their packing and Chad and I honestly thought they’d be done by 3 or so. NOPE. Not only were they not finished by then, their boss decided they should stop packing our stuff so he could make it to Wendover for a concert.

Two guys came back Monday morning and finished packing everything in an hour and half. They then proceeded to tell me that they had forgotten the paper work for the inventory sheets. Which meant that I couldn’t prove what they had taken on the truck with them including my couches, my dining table, our beds, and my nice set of pans all of which I’d be ticked if they somehow didn’t manage to show up in Texas and which I’d never get back. They insisted that I could sign the papers and they’d inventory it at their warehouse. Needless to say I didn’t sign the papers and luckily a rep from Hill AFB pulled up in the middle of the bullying. So fun! Needless to say he gave them a talking to and followed them down and watched them inventory the stuff on the truck. We’ll see if it all makes it. I'm pretty sure it won't.

I thought our moving fun was over.  Boy, was I wrong. The Utah movers were supposed to keep our things in storage until Monday the 16th and then it would follow us to Texas. NOPE. On Thursday the 12th, Chad got a call from the moving company that our stuff was ready to be delivered IN TEXAS and what time could we meet them. Seeing as how we were in fact STILL IN UTAH, we weren’t going to meet them. So they put our stuff in storage and Chad scheduled with her that they would deliver our stuff on Friday the 20th.

So yet again we thought our moving fun was over.

We drove to Texas with little to no problems. The kids were as good as they could be in the car and in the hotels for 3 days and 4 nights. We got our house keys and got Trey registered for school. Thursday Chad decides to call the moving company to see what time they would be delivering our stuff on Friday the 20th. The guy had absolutely no record of a scheduled delivery. Apparently the lady he talked to didn’t schedule the delivery with them. The soonest he could fit us in Friday the 27th. Chad then called the Air Force reps to see if we could get more funding for hotels and food. NOPE. So we’ve “moved” into our house with absolutely nothing but the bags we’ve been living out of for the last 2 weeks.

We do have a fridge and stove/oven. We do have running water, air conditioning, and a floor to sleep on. Chad and I bought an air mattress, a frying pan, food, and a few other things to get us by. Most of which was stuff we were going to have to buy anyways. But we have no furniture.  An air mattress + pregnancy does not equal a good night’s sleep. I seriously woke up sore. So fun!

I tried to get a hold of the bishop of our ward but, it being the week before school everyone was on vacation. After church Sunday we were able to get a table and chairs, some kitchen stuff, and 2 more air mattresses for the boys.

So although it’s not ideal at least we’re not out a thousand dollars in hotel and food money. But it will definitely be nice to have our stuff.  We got internet today which helps me feel less like we're camping in our own house. 

But so help me if my stuff isn’t here Friday I’m going to totally lose it!

Oh and did I mention that Sunday was Chad and my 7th anniversary. I made him a lovely meal of Mac and Cheese.

It was a very special day.

Seven years ago I never would have guessed this is where we'd be and the situation we'd be in.  If in another seven years I'm sleeping on an air mattress in an empty house, we may have to reevaluate some things.