Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Safety First

Whenever he can Chad takes the boys on a bike ride before we eat dinner. I get a break from the madness that is my children. Chad gets to spend time with the boys even if only for 30 minutes.  We eat dinner and he's off to do more homework.

Mooch saw me making dinner and knew Chad would be home soon. So he got ready and then fell asleep on the couch waiting for Dad.

Pool Time

It's been relatively warm here the last couple of weeks.  We did get a couple of cold snaps but for the most part it's been in the 80s. 
Chad's Grandparents sent the boys 10 dollar checks for their birthdays.  I convinced them that we should buy a wading pool for the yard with it.  I thought having them spend their own money would somehow help them take care of the pool.  As in not poking it with a stick or filling it full of mud.

So here they are playing around.


After.  I don't know who is more surprised.
They saw what happens when dirt gets wet.  Then they got A LOT of dirt wet.

Fun was had, at least until they started throwing mud at the thouse.