Thursday, September 15, 2011

Bug Bay

Willard Bay aka "Bug Bay" is about 30 minutes from my parents and 30 minutes from us.  This past Saturday we met there and had a picnic and went out on the boat to play.

the kiddos, Chris, and Mike ducking into the picture

Cowboy getting ready for a swim

Grandpa and Little T, who does not really enjoy boating.

About the only time Little T smiled while on the boat

Again this is how Little T really feels about boating

Mud Run

So my sisters Chelsie and Carlee as well as Carlee's husband Mike decided we'd have fun and run in the Cache Valley Mud Run.  IT's a 5k run with obstacles and well, lots of mud.

It was a blast.  There wasn't a lot of running because I am not a cross country runner.  So we only ran on the really flat terrain and the rest was obstacles and walking.  There was a whole lot of laughing and my face was sore from smiling. 

Before.  MY parents, brother Christian, My sisters children, Chad, and the boys all came to support.


the first of 4 giant slides

midway through and no mud in my hair, yet.

The final slide/finish line had a giant mud pit at he bottom. My landing did not go well.

The end.

Seriously dirty.