Thursday, December 31, 2009

Super heroes and a Jedi

Literally the only picure I could get with both of their backs facing me. 

And here is the Jedi Master homself.

This one makes me laugh because technically he is batman and yet he's still trying to fly. 

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Nothing says Merry Christmas better than a tetanus shot

I am an idiot.
No, really. I. am. a. big. idiot.
 In fact I would even say I am a moron. If you don't like stories about someone (me) injuring themselves, then I suggest you stop reading now. This post it full of self injuring.  Lots of moronic self infliction of wounds. No, really.

For part of the boys' Christmas I'm sewing them some reversable capes with Batman and Superman. Last night at about 9:30, I was apparently tired and should have stopped sewing.

I'm cruising along when there was a string in the way. Most normal people would take their foot of the sewing pedal. Since I am in fact a moron, I didn't. Suddenly the needle broke and I thought, "huh that sucks." Then I couldn't see the needle anywhere. That's when I realized  that it's sticking out of my left pointer finger. It wasn't just stuck it was bent like a fish hook through my finger.

Chad doesn't do well with blood, at all! He didn't want to take it out because it was going to hurt like a banshee. So I manned up and grabbed the tweezers from him. That is when I discovered it was already broken. So it came out easily enough. Thats when we realized there was a little chip still in there. So upon Dr. Dad's suggestion I get to leave it in there like a war veteran with shrapnel. I also had to sleep with my finger elevated. On top of that, I don't remember the last time I got a tetanus shot. Yeah that stunk. My arm is so stinking sore.
So I am an idiot. Somehow I managed to sew right over my finger.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

A flood of biblical proportions

Well at least it was a flood of washing machine proportions.

Grandpa and Grandma M installed a washer and dryer in the bedroom above the boys room about 10 years ago making it easier for them to do laundry. The plumber had been here the last week fixing a leak in the drain of the tub. But he had to disconnect Grandpa's washer and dryer to reach the pipes. Despite telling Grandpa and I that we'd have to do the laundry downstairs. The plumber still hooked up the water and power to the washer.

My aunt Janalee comes up every Thursday to help Grandpa clean and to help him do laundry. (I do the outside chores she does the inside which is a right dandy deal) While I was driving to Hill she called me to make sure I didn't have any laundry downstairs. She did 3 large loads there. Needless to say there was a minor miscommunication and she thought it was only the dryer that wasn't hooked up. Luckily, she only did one small load in the washer upstairs. Unfortunately, that load of wash drained directly down the wall between the boys room and the bathroom.

For the past 3 days we've been cleaning and drying. I have a carpet cleaner that I managed to suck up 3-4 gallons with and my parents still had a fan from when their carpets were cleaned. So that helped move things along. But Chad had to peel back the carpet and the pad to make sure its' all dry. The boys' room is finally put back together. Let me tell you it's been fun!