Saturday, January 3, 2009

I like to move it?

So.....we moved. Yes after months of planning on moving and slowly packing we moved to Sacramento. We got back from Utah last Saturday night, went to church Sunday, and then Monday morning Chad decided we should move on Tuesday. I thought he was kidding until he called and arranged for some of the laborers at Pacific West to show up at 7 AM with two trucks and two trailers. Needless to say we stayed up late and woke up early to finish all the last minute junk packing. But we're here and all I have left to unpack are a couple of suitcases with my clothes. It was like ripping a band-aid off. Quick and painful. But its over. . . for now. We're still in touch with one company with a job in Denver. Ahh the joys of being nomadic! Hope you all have a Happy New Year! I know ours definitely brought some changes already!