Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Jack's 4th Birthday

We celebrated Mooch's birthday on Sunday instead of on his actual birthday.  He woke up opened some presents and had some blue pancakes.  He had to wait until he was ready for church to go out and ride his bike.

Mooch's present.

We've been in touch with 2 of Chad's roomates and have gotten together with them for dinner a few times.  We got together on Sunday at Abe and Marcie's and sort of threw a party for  Mooch . Yes, I cheat and don't actually arrange parties for my children.  This is what happens when you move every year.

Angeana made an awesome construction cake for  Mooch , which he obviously loved. 
Isn't this cake awesome!
 The Amazing Angeana maker of awesome cakes!

The Party

The Pinata said the maximum amount of candy is 3 lbs.  We went over the limit.  Chad had to get creative to keep it up.


Little T and Cowboy


It's Official!

I love this man!