Tuesday, January 31, 2012

What we've been up to...

Chad has officially graduated. He will be receiving a diploma in the mail that says he has a Master’s in Engineering Management. And he managed to do it with a very good GPA. He’s currently looking for another position in the Air Force so he can get promoted sooner. We don’t know where that job is but we’re hoping by August he’ll be working in a new job, be it at Hill AFB or any other AFB.

Cowboy keeps losing teeth and Mooch is more than happy to help. During Sacrament meeting a few weeks ago, Mooch head butted Cowboy in the mouth and he started bleeding. The tooth that has been loose for a month became very loose. Chad and Cowboy went to the bathroom and yanked it out. Later that afternoon, Cowboy and Mooch were wrestling here at home. Mooch head butted him again (clearly his choice move) and out came another tooth. Cowboy said that it wasn’t loose before. But considering the lack of crying and hysterics it had to have popped out easily.

Mooch enjoys head butting.

Mooch also started Sunbeams.  I know he likes singing time but he'd rather be back in nursery with the toys and the snacks.  Poor kid.  He just doesn't realize we've all got to grow up sometime!

Little T is doing alright. I just can’t wait until he is old enough to say the words, “Mom, does this have gluten in it?” This kid eats everything Mooch leaves out. So I have to lock  Little T  in his high chair anytime Mooch eats. Then I have to make Mooch clean up anything he spills or drops. We’ve got anything with gluten in it under lock and key so that Mooch can’t grab anything and leave it out for  Little T . We made Gluten free sugar cookies yesterday because I knew Mooch would leave some bit of cookie somewhere. He did.

Mooch managed to “poison”  Little T  with Gluten twice in a week. All it took was one little nibble from a roll Mooch left within reaching distance on the table and leaving a peice of crust from his PB sandwich. That was 3 weeks ago and he’s just starting to sleep better and eat better again.

This whole thing is a pain, but at least we are slowly figuring it out. We’ve been doing a lot of reading about it. We’re pretty sure  Little T  has Gluten sensitivity. I don’t know if he can/will grow out of it. The nice thing is that are quite a few stores who sell gluten free items and ingredients.   We've also discovered that probiotics and a supllement called L-Gluttamine help.  If he has an accident it only takes one night of discomfort instead of 3-7 nights. 

I'm keeping busy by helping coach a 14s volleyball team here. The 2nd counselor in our bishopric built his own gym and coaches club teams. It's also a 3 minute drive from our house. I'm having fun getting a break and using what little volleyball skills I now possess. I don't know that Chad enjoys having to parent his children 2 nights a week by himself or every other Saturday when they have a tournament.

I also just got called to the Young Womens. I'm now the Camp director for our ward. It's Stake Camp and they pretty much plan everything. I just do what they say. Which works just fine for me.