Sunday, April 29, 2012

Family Update

Cowboy is loving school.  He is reading like a champ.  He's gotten so he can read scripture verses by himself.  He's loving playing outside and playing with his friends.

Sorry it's blurry but he was pretty proud of using the pizza for a moustache.
Mooch also likes being outside.  He was frustrated by his training wheels slowing him down so Chad convinced him to ride his old smaller bike without them.  Now he's riding his big bike without them and is starting to get hard to keep up with.

Little T is doing awesome.  With the new diet they put him in January he's gained over 7 pounds.  Which is amazing.  He's a totally different kid.  He's into everything and trying to keep up with his brothers.  He has oodles of energy and I have a hard time keeping up with him as he runs around.  We are now wishing we had a fully fenced backyard to contain him.

I'm SUPER busy with blog designs with LeeLou Blogs.  It's stressful but it's a good productive kind of stress.  It is very nice to be able to pay off some of the medical bills from Chad's surgery with the extra income. That and I can occasionally order pizza without feeling guilty for spending extra money on eating out.
Chad's doing well with the therapy for his shoulder.  One more month and he should be able to start playing basketball again which he's very excited to do again. 

Currently we're debating on buying a house and Chad staying at Hill AFB or whether we should apply for jobs at other bases that would improve Chad's career oppurtunities.  He still has 2 more years under contract with the Air Force.  Either way we'll be moving in August it's just a matter of where to and how far.

Tubes Glorious Tubes!

LIttle T had a number of ear infections last summer and fall.  Once we go him on heartburn meds the ear infections stopped.  Then this January and February had had 2 within a couple of weeks.  After the diagnosis of ear infection #7 in the last year.  We decided it was time for tubes.  We scheduled it in Tremonton so my Dad could do the surgery. 

He had a hard time coming out of surgery.  The gas made him dizzy and disoriented.  So he cried for about 45 minutes before he finally started to settle down. 

Grandpa and Little T
Between his weight gain and the tubes he's doing great now.

Easter Eggs

These boys love decorating eggs.  We waited until Little T was napping to do it.  That kid is a little too much trouble to have dye around him.

Trey's 7th Birthday!

Cowboy had a great birthday and we got him a "NEW" bike as well.  He had a great day at school and I was able to go into his classroom and hand out cookies.  Then they sang happy birthday and gave him pretend spanks for his birthday.  He was loving all the attentention.

He also go this from Grandma and Grandpa B for his birthday.

I wasn't sure whether to tank them or strangle them.  But the boys enjoy it and that's all that matters.
Instead of having a bunch of friends over fora  party we decided to treat the boys with a trip to the "Classic Fun Center!"  We told the boys they had 3 hours to party (AKA, get as many germs on them as possible). 
LIttle T loved the bounce house for toddlers and the boys went crazy on them too.

They did some mini-bowling and pretty much wore themselves out.

Then we went home and enjoyed some Gluten Free cupcakes and took bathes because who knows what was on that stuff.  It made me want to bathe myself in hand sanitizer just being there.
Is it just a 4 year old thing that Mooch CANNOT look at the camera for more than 2 seconds?
 All in all Cowboy enjoyed his birthday!

St Patricks day!

Every time I make pancakes for breakfast the boys want them to be any color but normal and asthetically pleasing.  So I went all out for St. Patricks day and dyed the eggs too, maybe a little too much. It made me want to yell, "SOILANT GREEN IS PEOPLE!"

Needless to say they were pleased with their extremely green eggs and ham.

Little T was not impressed.