Thursday, July 14, 2011

At the Zoo pt 2

I felt bad that Cowboy didn't get to go to the zoo in Ft. Worth with us last time.  So I planned on going again sometime before we left.  Chad decided he could miss out on a few hours of studying to hang out with us before we go. 

We had a blast and took our time walking through the zoo.  Going to the zoo with Chad was great.  Not only was it awesome to just spend time with him, but Chad was like a little boy as we walked around.  By that I mean he was in awe of some of the animals.  Chad grew up in Western Wyoming, just south of Jackson hole.  There's this place called Yellowstone close by as well. But you know they don't have elephants there.    Apparently, Chad hasn't had the opportunity to see quite a few animals.   It was great watching him get excited about the elephants and zebras.  Then we ran across this guy. 

Mooch had little to no faith that the glass would actually keep a gorilla from eating him.
One of my favorite past times is watching Chad be a Dad. I just love to take a step back and see our boys play with their Dad and just see how much they love each other. I loved that Chad could be there and see the joy on our boys' faces as they ran from exhibit to exhibit.

Taking a break and getting a snack

I've discovered slowly over time that Mooch doesn't really like pictures.
Cowboy obviously does.  This picture is just proof. 

You can pay a buck for a stick with bird seeds.
It's pretty cool as long as you haven't ever watched Hitchcock's "The Bird's".
Unfortunately, I have.

Checking out the penguins.


bigger wingspan

I took this right before we left only because Cowboy insisted he wanted a picture on the rock.
After I took the picture he said, "Mom, wasn't that so cute."
And it was and he is.

Westward Ho!

Chad is so busy with school and its so hot outside that I literally feel like some sort of prisoner.  That and little T has had an ear infection for possibly the last month and a half.  Which means I have not slept through the night in over a month and a half. 

I'm tired and I want to go home.  After looking into possibly having my mom fly out and drive to Utah with me we did some math and figured it would cost about the same driving with hotels, gas, and food for 4 people as it would to just fly us to Utah.  No really I have the paper work we submitted to the Air Force for our move out here.  I know how much it cost down to the penny.  No matter what 4 hours travel time by airplane is worth a lot of money.  Oh and since we shipped Cowboy off to Lake Powell I only had to pay for my ticket and Mooch's. 

So I'm flying to Utah Monday and hanging out there until Chad and all of our belongings make their way to Utah sometime around August 21st. 

It's going to stink not seeing Chad for a month.  But at the same time I really really need a break (read very large nap).  I'm excited to see my family, almost all of them. Oh and I'm pretty sure it's at least 10 or so degrees cooler in Utah with no humidity. 

I'm only slightly excited to head on back to Utah. Can you tell?

Family Fun Time

MY brother Justin and his family came up for the weekend in July.  They had been wanting to come up from Houston all year and finally made it!

We went to the Children's Museum in Fort Worth which was great!

As we were getting ready to head home.  There is a fountain in front of the museum.  Justin told his kids they could go play in it.  I shrugged my shoulders and told the boys they could play in it thinking hey at least all the kids will be wet.  Well, Justin's kids are apparntly more hesitant to get wet in their clothes.  Mine clearly have no problem getting as wet as possible.

We hung out with them at their hotel and swam.  We ended up having to make a stop at the store.  The boys crashed in the car on the 12 minute drive home.

I'm glad we were able to hang out with Justin and his family a little bit more before we moved back to Utah.