Sunday, October 24, 2010


There isn't a whole lot of excitment in our lives right now.  Chad and Cowboy are going to school and Mooch and I are just chilling at home.  So its hard to blog about nothing.

I've always thought of our blog as sort of a family journal.  I'm terrible about writing things down and taking pictures.  Having the blog makes me do both of those things.  I just happen to share them with all of you. 

This is one of those posts that I'm writing down more for me and the boys.  So on those bad days I can sit down and remember that they really can be cute. . . sometimes. 

Here's a little Cowboy-ism

  While putting the boys to bed the other night Cowboy and I had a conversation that went a little like this....

Cowboy: Mom, can you get on your computer and write a letter to Santa?

Me: What do you want it to say?

Cowboy: Dear Santa, Cowboy wants a new xbox.  Make sure your write our last name so he knows it's me.

Me: Let's wait a bit and then we'll write a letter.

When we moved our old xbox didn't survive the trip.  So he's been deprived of his Star Wars lego game.  Clearly it's a huge issue for him.  We'll just have to see what Santa ends up bringing for him.

Now here's Mooch's

While growing up if we asked my Dad he would tell us stories about when he was a kid.  Most of them involved chickens, his brothers, or other funny stories from his childhood.  Every once in awhile the boys will ask Chad or me to tell them a story.  Most of the requests are for one of the five stories about me getting stitches.  Anyways... apparently I start the story with "When I was a little girl" or something like that.   Well yesterday Mooch climbed into bed in the morning to snuggle up to Chad and me.  He got settled in and then....

Mooch:  "I tell a story."
Me: "okay go ahead."
Mooch: "When I was a little boy..."
He then proceeded to gibber out what I think was a sentence in English.
That was it.  The whole story.  So I asked him to tell me another one.  Again he started with the "When I was a little boy."  

To you it's probably not that funny. But Chad and I were laughing pretty hard.

So this is a note to self.  Brooke, your kids really can be cute.  Sometimes.