Saturday, April 26, 2008

Rock n Roll!

Well a few weeks ago Chad and I were at the temple. Halfway through the session we experienced a small earthquake. That’s when I thought to myself, "Self, if I'm going to die this is the place to do it." I'm pretty sure it was around a 1 or 2 on the Richter scale. The Reno temple is on the North side of town and we live on the south side in a condo. Our old apartment is on the North side and it makes me glad we moved. The extra 600 square feet of living space was also a bonus.

Northern Reno has been the epicenter of a bunch of little earthquakes since late February. None of them have been any bigger than a 3.2 and we’ve really only heard about them on the News. Thursday there was a 3.7 that shook the house and Cowboy told me the wind was shaking it. We'd only felt little tremors until last night.

At around 11:30, I woke up to our whole house shaking. That sure was fun let me tell you. My immediate thought was "get the kids" but before I could even get out of bed it was over. I don't know how I fell back asleep. Ever since the California earthquake (I can't remember the name of it) when I was in 5th grade I've sort of been paranoid about earthquakes. I think it has something to do with my teacher telling my class that Utah was over-due for a big one. She also felt inspired to tell us that when it hit, the waves would bounce off the mountains and make it even bigger. I know it was very comforting to my 10-year-old mind. Anyways. . .

Somehow I fell back asleep. Can I just say that Chad didn't move an inch and the boys slept through the whole thing. Well when I woke up to feed Mooch at 2:30 the news said it was a 4.7, the biggest one so far. According to the news usually there is one big earthquake and then the smaller ones. But apparently we are working backwards? So there have been a lot of little earthquakes and one bigger one, at least they are hoping that was the big one. Well after reading through our renters insurance we're not covered for earthquakes. So guess what I'm doing today!!!

Thursday, April 24, 2008


I guess I should clarify. Chad is still working for Pacific West Builders and he is still married to me! He is working in Sacramento Monday through Friday and home on the weekends. But I guess in around June they'll have a project back in Reno.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I give up!

So I guess I'm sort of cool now that we have a blog? Seriously I've never gotten asked so many times if we have a blog than I have in the past week. That and I'm bored out of my mind!!! So I've finally given up and started doing a blog for our family.

Here's the latest family picture. Once Mooch is holding his head up a little better I'm sure this will get updated along with the rest of the kids pictures.

Know that Chad will probably not contribute to this at all. I'll be lucky if I get him to even read the thing, seriously. Plus he is currently living in another state, so I imagine it won't be a huge topic of conversation when he is here. Then again it can keep him updated on his own kids. (I'm not bitter about the situation at all can you tell?)

We're here in Reno and loving it, for the most part! I'm at home with my boys and love the good days but want to curl up in fetal position bawling on the bad days. Luckily, we have a lot of good days or we'd be in big trouble! This was actually a picture from a good day. I was laughing so hard I was crying which only made Cowboy laugh and do it more.

Cowboy is 3 now and a huge help, at least he thinks he is. He's been sooooo good with Mooch. We, and I mean we, still have our moments of impatience with one another. The shirt in the picture pretty much describes Cowboy. He definitely keeps me going.

Mooch is SUCH a good baby. I'm already worried that Cowboy is going to have a complex because I say that so much. But he really is a great baby. He is a great little eater and last night he actually slept through the night.
He's working hard at becoming a chubby baby. It helps that he got a head start being 9 lbs when he was born. But he's definitely developing some rolls now.