Saturday, June 27, 2009

The misadventures of Mooch

Jack has this amazing gift, he can get into trouble quicker than you can say, “Mooch, stop!” It’s true, I’ve tried it. For the record I found him with the bowl on his head.

Last Saturday our little fiend decided that it would be a fun thing to pull on the iron cord after it had recently been on. We thought he was safely in the other room when he managed to sneak in and unfortunately pull the iron down right on top of his own hand. So if you’re not into seeing 2nd degree burns don’t look at the next picture.

We’ve had him wrapped up like a little mummy this last week. Anytime we go outside or feed him, I’ve had to wrap a plastic baggy around it so we don’t get dirt or food in the wounds. He's healing up well and finally acting like himself again.

This lovely morning, while Chad and I were pretending the kids weren’t awake, Mooch managed to pull the box of chocolate milk mix off the table. He then proceeded to dump it out in piles across the carpet. It wasn’t until he left a lovely chocolate handprint on the side of the bed that we noticed his face and hands were covered.

Also Mooch has started to sort of say “cheese” and smiles for the camera instead of trying to grab it all the time! OH yeah Mooch sort of speaks. He’s got “more” down and can say “Momma” and “Daddy” but never to the right parent. We’ll get it eventually.

Oh how I love boys!

Monday, June 1, 2009

sticky and muddy

Here are a few pictures from doing yard work and eating ice cream/dirt.

Trey is obviously happy with having just eaten a chocolate ice cream cone.

I've decided that Jack will not be wearing a lot of clothes this summer. I'm pretty sure the summer uniform will be a diaper and a pair of sandals. Every time he goes outside is ridiculous and he usually ends up like the picture below.