Saturday, October 18, 2008

Cowboy Up!

So Cowboy has decided to be a cowboy for Halloween. We've got the ward Harvest party next week so I'll try to take pictures of Sheriff Trey.
Mooch and me Smiling at each other because he wouldn't smile for the camera. He needed my beautiful self to smile at.

This is Cowboy saying "stick 'em up"
This is his angry face which is pretty much the same as his happy face below!

This is the one picture we got of Mooch smiling and I had to go and screw it up by not quite framing his face. Oh well I take what I can get! As you can see Mooch is standing. He discovered he could pull himself to standing about a week after he started crawling last month. He thinks he should crawl upstairs too! He's currently working on the dare-devil stage of holding on to things and walking. Needless to say he's pretty mobile and causing trouble!


Its been quite some time since I posted any pictures. So here are a few from our mini-golf outing a month or so ago. Yeah thats right these are a little old. But Enjoy!