Sunday, June 22, 2008

Summer Lovin!

Well it’s been 5 years and 1 day since Chad proposed. He got this strange idea to dress up like a rodeo clown and propose at the Star Valley Rodeo. Good thing he didn’t follow through with that or I may have said no!

Chad’s family lived 2 ½ hours away so we sort of went to eachother's houses every other weekend. I was in Star Valley visiting him. We woke up to rain and cold. I honestly don’t think Star Valley’s temperature has ever hit higher than the low 80s.

Chad kept insisting we go four wheeling. I -being the party pooper- did not really want to go four wheeling in the rain. But Chad and his mom kept insisting we go. So we got all bundled up to go. Chad even donned his lovely cowboy boots. We rode up Wikiup Canyon (sp?). Lucky for us some rancher was keeping his cows around where the trail was. So we got some "extra-special mud" on us on our ride.

We finally reached the top and I was pretty cold. Star Valley is pretty anyways but it looked really green and had breaks in the clouds here and there. That alone was worth the ride. Well Chad and I looked at that for awhile and then he decided we should pick flowers. While doing this he started singing which I found odd. So I’m standing there freezing while Chad picks flowers. Then he comes over and hands the little bouquet to me. He then got on one knee and busted a ring box out from his boot. He then asked me to marry him. Obviously, I said yes.

So I got proposed to in the cold and covered in cow manure but it sure was worth it! I love you Chad!