Thursday, April 8, 2010

Does this make me old?

It's official. I think I'm behind the times.

When I was younger I used to giggle at my mother and father's technological behind-ed-ness (It's my blog, I can make up words if I want to).  They didn't know how to work e-mail, they refused to have an answering machine, it took them forever to figure out their voicemail on their cell phones.  Well they've got their i-phones, GPS, DVR, and whatever else now.  I'm sure my mom is reading this with a little smirk on her face.

Does it make me old that I HATE text messaging?  I do see the value in it.  I mean you can communicate at times when talking on the phone isn't convenient.  But using it as the ONLY form of communication?  I don't get that.  I also don't want to pay for that.  OK, my husband doesn't want to pay for that.

Also what the heck is with people being addicted to Facebook?  I don't get that.  Yes, it is fun to keep in touch with everyone.  It's fun to hear news and stories.  But updating your status every 20 minutes? Come on! No one cares! And if Facebook is your vice, yes I do realize I've just offended you.  But me, I'm sticking to my blogger vice. 

Oh and my favorite with Facebook is when people say when they are going on vacation.  If it weren't against the law I would break into their homes and leave them a note asking how their trip went.  The worst I've seen is when someone posted which elementary school their kid goes to.
Oh and what's with the moron's posting their addresses and phone numbers all over?  Yet again, I'm sure I've offended someone. 

It's not like my blog has uber security but I'm not dumb enough to post extremely personal information on here. In fact I should go back and remove any mention of the town I live in.

I PROMISE criminals are smart and they can and will hack into anything.  This includes any "private" blog that you are reading.

Wow this just turned into a rant about protecting yourself on the internet.  When really I was just laughing at myself for not texting, or having an iphone, or really even caring about keeping up with technology.  I'm sure in 10 years my boys are going to be giggling at their poor parents for being soooo behind the times.  I'll shut up now.