Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Sweet Dreams

To me nothing says sweet dreams better than pulling back the covers on your bed to see a piece of mouse poop on your pillow. 
No really that's what I saw.  I stared at it for a minute.  Then moved Chad's poop free pillow to see 3 more pieces of mouse poop under it.  Obviously we changed the sheets and then proceeded to try and find where the heck the mouse had come from.
We knew we had a mouse that kept getting in to some of the lower built in drawers where we keep Chad's shorts.  But I had no idea it was in my room living under my bed.  I promise we dont' have a ton of crap under there either.  But I did discover a half eaten granola bar that was probably sustaining this little mouse's life. 
We did set up a bunch of sticky traps a week ago.  We checked one of the sticky traps only to find a strip of mouse hair left on it. So there's a mouse with a wax job running around.

I spent my Saturday vacuuming up every crumb in the entire basement. We're talking move every piece of furniture kind of vacuuming.  Then, Chad searched for holes and set up 8 of the old school wood snap traps.   

As of now we have caught one mouse.  I'm pretty sure there are more.  I'm just confused at how we can go ALL winter without a mouse and now in June we seem to be having an invasion?

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The wonders of dehydration

 Now that the morning sickness is starting to go away, sort of.  I thought I was feeling okay.  Then I started randomly geting really shaky and a little dizzy.  I chalked it up to low blood sugar or low iron. 

As I was asking the Dr. about it Monday the nurse was taking my blood pressure.  Yeah so my heart rate was 120 just from sitting there.  Ummm not good!  Needless to say they did a cardiogram. Fortunately nothing was abnormal.  Apparently, I'm really dehydrated and have officially been told I need to walk 2-3 miles a day. 

I can proudly say I drank well over 64 ounces yesterday and walked to my mom's and back which is .04 miles short of 2 miles while pushing Jack in the stroller.   Yes, I can tell you're all so proud. 

Ugh you'd think I'd have this pregnancy thing figured out by now!
Oh and when we listened to the baby's heartbeat at the appointment we could hear a lot of scratching sounds with the heartbeat.  Those scratching sounds were from the baby moving around.  So either we hit "active time" for he/she or this child will be exactly like their brothers.  Woo hoo?

We find out July 8th what we're having.