Monday, August 20, 2012

Chad Update

Chad’s doing well. He’s been going to work for a few hours at a time the last 2 weeks. He can’t read computer screens well because it makes him nauseous to track things with his eyes. But it’s slowly getting better. And his bosses have been so willing to help him with anything he needs.

As far as physical therapy, he’s working hard at teaching his body how to balance again. He’s got a nice case of motion sickness that won’t go away until his body figures things out. He’s been on a Dramamine patch for the last month which makes him tired, a lot. He’ll take a driving test sometime this week so that he can drive himself again.

We’re just so grateful that he’s doing so well and that he only has to re-learn how to balance.   It is a little frustrating how many people come up and explain to us how it could have been so much worse.  I know how devastating strokes can be. My grandmother passed away from one. Chad's grandmother is still recovering from a stroke she had 3 years ago.   I just don't know how to handle it other than nodding my head politely in agreement.  

We’ve been so blessed the last few weeks with so much love and support from everyone. Our ward has been amazing.  They brought over meals and when I felt ready to get back to cooking my Relief Society President told me they still had 5 more meals signed up and to let them help us.  Someone has mowed our lawn every week the last month.  Our neighbors who aren't LDS (Mormon) have gone out of their way to bring treats or just to stop by and see if we needed anything.   It's been amazing to see how many people love us and want to help us.

We really have been blessed with so much.  And I can't express my/our gratitude enough to the people who are helping us and especially to my Father in Heaven.