Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Its too late to what?

Cowboy can be a little obstinate once he makes up his mind, like any mature little 3 year old. Here are just a couple of examples of that.

So whenever we're driving around doing errands I plug my little ipod in and turn on "Apologize" by One republic. I tend to sing out loud when we're in the car and Cowboy joins in whenever he can. Well when we get to the chorus of this song, Cowboy thinks that they're saying, "Its too late to call the giants," rather than "Its too late to apologize." Don't even think about telling him its different. But I can actually see where he's coming from.

Yet another incident where Cowboy just can't be wrong and must always be right. Today we saw a ski tote on top of a SUV and told me it was a boat. There are in fact quite a few kayaks and ski totes around here being so close to Lake Tahoe.

This is pretty much how the conversation went.

Cowboy: Mommy look a boat on top of the car.

Me: No. That's for skis.

Cowboy: No its a boat

Me: That isn't a boat it to put skis in.

(This goes on for awhile and you get the idea)

Finally Cowboy gave up and said, "Okay mommy its for skis. Pretend its a boat."

I don't know that I really won that argument.


Dave and Mel said...

KIds crack me up.

The Henrie's said...

I loved your comment! I actually have come to tolerate blueberries in blueberry muffins. My father-in-law makes them for breakfast and I thought it would be a little impolite to eat around the blueberries, so now I just close my eyes and eat the muffin trying to ignore the wet mushy parts.

Apparently Jack loves oreos. Don't you just laugh when Trey remembers to share things with Jack? Your table looks beautiful by the way.

beth said...

so funny! i love it! i love always being wrong in the eyes of a 7 and 4 year old.