Friday, November 26, 2010


So I've been busy nesting.  By nesting I mean sewing a car seat cover and car seat blanket canopy thingy.  I also sewed a matching nursing cover.  Don't ask me why I felt the neeed to color coordinate, but I did.  Not only that, but the crib is a dark brown with lime green bedding.  Yep, I'm a crazy pregnant lady!

Despite being really busy with school and projects, Chad has been so much help.  In fact he's probably cleaned more than I have to get ready for the baby and for my mom to come and visit.  I love the guy what can I say? 

Me  at 38 1/2 weeks.  This will be the one and only belly shot.
 I. Detest. Them.
 A belly shot only proves to me that not only do I feel uncomfortable, but I look uncomfortable too.

I'm supposed to go in to the hospital Sunday night and they'll start me on Cytotech. Whoo hoo for sleeping in the hospital an extra night!?  Monday morning they'll start the Pit and we'll be on our way to meeting Little T.  And yes, we really are still having a boy.  We had to have two more ultrasounds here in Texas and a certain appendage is still there. 

Monday, November 1, 2010

How I spend my day.

Lately a lot of my day has been spent doing this. 

Just watching Mooch  do this and rebuilding his "Pillow house" when he inevitably knocks it down. 

The Raccoon

Friday afternoon we were getting ready for the trunk or treat and I was getting dinner together.  I happened to look out the kitchen window and see this...

Raccoon's are nocturnal and this was at 4:30 in the afternoon.  That's when I noticed it was twitching and rolling around in one spot.  I immediately thought, "holy crap that thing's got rabies."  We made sure to keep the boys inside.  Cowboy sat and watched it for 5 minutes before I shut all the blinds and tried to pretend it was not out there. 

I'm not sure if it was sick or hurt.  They've been demolishing the house next door to us for the past week.  So I don't know if it got hurt from that or was sick.  Either way, it was clearly at death's door.  Since I didn't want to have to deal with a dead raccoon let alone the live one.  I called animal control.  They sent someone out and no more raccoon problem. 

Cowboy has been praying for the raccoon daily to get feeling better.  I'm pretty sure that wherever it is dead animals go, it's defintely feeling better now.