Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Food Storage

So in an effort to reduce the mouse population in the basement, my mother and I have been cleaning out Grandpa's pantry which is a veritable buffet for mice. There were only a few things that they were actually eating in there. I've pretty much thrown away anything that wasn't mouse proof including a five gallon bucket of sugar that had collapsed. We rotated some food and water storage and voila! So why am I telling you about this?

We found some neat stuff (Yeah, I just said neat). Apparently back in the day you could buy gelatin in a 1 pound can. The directions to use the whole can are to mix it with a half a gallon of boiling water. Then add half a gallon of cool water. Yep we're talking about a gallon of jell-o. Who knows what one would do with a gallon of jell-o? But the cans are pretty sweet looking eh?

There was also a box of powdered starch. Yep the original starch! As in starch your husbands collar starch.

My favorite though is that apparently shortening lasts forever. No really it does. There were a few cans from the 70's that I was fully prepared to chuck. Mom told me to open it up and see if it had gone rancid. Oh it hadn't! Though, I'm not really excited for anyone to use it. Yeah if you can't read the lid is labeled 9/77 as in September 1977. I love it!


The Bryger Family said...

Did you throw away those super fun cans? I agree those were super neat!!


Amy Girl said...

Lime jello, classic mormon dessert.

Lawther family said...

that is awsome! What are you going to do with the jello? You could make jiggler then have a jello jiggler war! :)

Shantana said...

Oh my gosh Brooke! I love these cans so much!!!!!! Great vintage design :)

You are bound to find WAY more amazing things!

p.s. I am excited to see you this weekend :)