Monday, October 5, 2009

Little ummm... friends?

So Monday I had my mom watch the boys so I could go and finally register the van and get my Utah Drivers license. So I get in the van and think to myself "I better check and make sure the insurance card and registration are in the glove box." So then I opened the glove box and I see a small pile of shredded paper and what was formerly a maxi-pad. I thought to myself "huh that's weird. That almost looks like a nest." Thats when the mouse climbed out of the nest and on to the hand that I was holding the glove box with!!!!!!!!

Obviously I started screaming and had to get out of the van and dance around hysterically. No really I was hysterical. I was half laughing, half crying, half screaming, half gagging, and half cringing. Okay so really that would make me a fifth crying a fifth laughing and so on but you get the idea.

Just ask my sister I called her because Chad wouldn't pick up his phone. I'm driving down the road on my way to the DMV when my sister points out the fact that I have to open the glove box again and get the registration out. That's when I drove back to my parent's. So after a beating to the glove box to make sure the mouse crawled back into the engine compartment and numerous freak outs later I got it all out. As of right now there is a sticky trap in the glove box, but I'm not sure how effective that's going to be. At least I know it can't actually get into the car, just the glove box. ICK ICK ICK

P.S. It's dead! It got caught on the sticky trap. Chad, being the manly man that he is, got rid of it for me.


Amy Girl said...

Oh my gosh! That creaps me out. Phil got a mouse nest in the air duct of one of his cars a few years back. It cost $500 dollars to take out and clean. It was a stinky mess. He never could get over it, so in typicaly Phil fashion - he sold the car!

Glad to hear you got the little critter.

Shantana said...

Lol - this is SO SO SO awesome.... Sorry that it had to happen to you but seriously... this is the best story ever!

Jackie said...

Eww, eww, eww! I've never had to deal with mice until we moved into this house. I haven't had one crawl onto my hand though...I would have reacted the exact same way.

Russ, Emily, Parker and Hannah said...

I would have done the exact same thing. Wow!

Geoff, Becky and Macie said...

ok, I am Laughing my head off right now!! I can totally see you sreaming, crying, etc. That is sooo funny and even more gross. I am sure that my reaction would have been the same!! Hey.. at least it made for a good story!!!