Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Mooch vs. the #10 can

Last week I was talking to my lovely sister Chelsie on the phone. Despite being in the same room as my children, I’m pretty much ignoring them. Usually they play pretty well together until Cowboy does something to tease or annoy Mooch. This time he chose for his weapon of annoyance, #10 can. For those of you who don't know what that is, its about the size a can of crisco only made entirely of metal.

Despite both of them banging on it like a drum I’m still choosing to ignore them. Suddenly Mooch starts crying and I’m thinking, “Come on Cowboy, and share the stinking toy. So I turn around at look at them and that when I see what’s really happened with the can. It’s hard to ignore your 19 month old when he’s crying and has a #10 can stuck on his head.

My aunt Janalee was up for the day visiting Grandpa. Since she is a RN I figured she’d be helpful. Both of us were trying unsuccessfully not to laugh at the kid. While I held him on my lap she proceeded to rub shampoo all over his little cranium. We finally got it to pop off. It was just a cheese stick, blanket, and a binkie later and he was smiling again.

I’m not sure if the can pinched him or scratched him but he’s had a red line across his forehead for the last week. In the heat of the moment I didn’t get a picture with it stuck on his head but I got a picture of the afterwards. Ahh poor Mooch!


Kathryn said...

glad to hear I am not the only one that just ignores my kids at times. :) Glad to hear he is better, at first i was worried that it had a sharp edge. then I realized it didn't. I was freaking out for you, for a minute there. lol

Lawther family said...

poor jack. I think as moms we are allowed to ignore our kids from time to time.. :) at least thats what I tell myself. :)
Glad he wasn't hurt and there was no sharp edges on the can. :) too funny.

Tawna said...


Thank you so much for your sweet message on my phone. I sure love you..I'll call you soon, sister.

Em said...

aw boys!! the crazy things they think of and do. I warms my heart. sounds like fun

Wendy said...

Poor Jack... Shalon puts up with Cutler he's not big enough to really bug her yet. However this morning I hear her telling Cutler something to the effect of "you're driving me crazy." She is only 2. Maybe I've said it a few too many times.