Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Mom, Ma-Mom, and Mike

So we've been busy canning more. I swear I'm incapable of doing anything else when we spend a couple of days canning. So instead of blogging I've been catching up on house work and all those other menial tasks.

Cowboy is in our own little version of Joyschool. There are 7 other moms in the group and we all take turns having school at our house on Tuesday and Thursdays. Its great and its fun getting to know some of the kids in the ward. Heis loving it and asks daily when we're going to school.

Mooch is gradually starting to talk. He's trying to say more words but they all sound the same. Like More, milk, and moo all sound like Moo.

Mom and Grandma and Mike all sound the same. seriosuly its "Ma, Ma-Ma, and Ma. Of all the aunt and uncle names he chooses, Mike, the most recent uncle addition to try and say. Yeah I don't get it either.

He's on the "no" kick. As of right now most of the "no" yelling is directed at Cowboy because he's being a mean brother. He yells "no" and rapidly ascends in both volume and tone. Its kind of cute, kind of. Even though the talking is a slow work in progress he's becoming more and more active. He's figured out how to jump and sort of shuffle skip. His favorite move is jumping in his crib while holding on the side rails.

Chad's work is going sweet. He's doing some engineering and some project mangagement. A part of his job is similar to what he was doing at his previous job. Chad's super tough and gets up at 4 AM every day to ride in the van pool. Which is awesome because its saved us over $200 a month in gas alone. Needless to say we try to go to bed before 9 at our house. Sad huh? But he has every other Friday off which is so nice to have an extra day to get things done. Then we can usually play or just relax on Saturday.


Amy Girl said...

Also, I love your boys.

Amy Girl said...

4am yikes! That is stinkin early.

Lawther family said...

How fun for you to do a joy school. I always wanted to do one, but have never lived in a area with other little ones to share in the school. sounds like Trey is enjoying it.
Hope that 4am thing works out for you... yikes!!
Nice to have two fridays off a month though... hope you take a date night those weeks!

Shantana said...

Way to go Chad! What an awesome guy, saving you guys all the money :)

The little school sounds so great! I am so glad that you get to do that!